Why is eRouška needed? Can it even protect me effectively from the virus?

The goal of eRouška application is to slow down, and ideally stop, spread of the virus. It helps to isolate potentially infected people from others as soon as possible. With that it contributes to gradually loosen the measures of nationwide quarantine and lowers the impact of pandemic on society and economy in Czech Republic. Applications based on such a principle exist in other countries and generally are an effective remedy in fight against spread of the coronavirus.

Application eRouška is one of the concepts of Smart Quarantine. Application uses Bluetooth to connect with other phones with eRouška nearby and saves its identifiers. If any of eRouška users is later marked as infected by a hygienic station worker, epidemiological model evaluates whether you were in contact with them for long enough so that it is necessary to warn you and proceed with further examination.

The eRouška helps the staff of the hygiene station to identify potential virus carriers as effectively as possible and ask them to be isolated and cautious for the time necessary. This will reduce both the number of people infected in society and your risk of infection.

How does the public health office proceeds? Do I need to self-quarantine myself or get tested automatically every time the application reports to the public health office that I have been in contact with someone infected?

If someone's test confirms infection, they are contacted by the public health office to find out who they have been in contact with in the last five days. When using the eRouška app, the patient does not have to rely only on his memory, but can decide whether to send the collected data from the app to a secure system operated by the Ministry of Health for evaluation.

The application helps the hygienic station to connect quicker with potentially infected people and based on a personal conversation, and evaluate whether it was simply a "false alarm" or whether you and other need to be further protected. So you don't have to worry, that this is an automated process, that you cannot control.

The application helps the public health office to connect quicker with potentially infected people and evaluate in an interview whether it was simply a "false alarm" or whether you and others need to be further protected. So you don't have to worry that this is an automated process that you cannot control.

Is it not possible for eRouška to misinterpret a contact with another person, who is, for example, in a car at a crossroad, behind a door or a thin wall?

The eRouška application works by measuring the signal strength between two devices. Technically, it cannot be ruled out that false detection will occur - for example, close contact through a thin wall resembles more distant contact without obstruction. These errors, although exceptional, cannot be completely avoided. Employees of hygienic stations and their call centers are familiar with this phenomenon and work with it during a telephone call with the risked contacts of an infected person.

In order to evaluate the contact as risky, it is important to take note of the time spent in contact – therefore stopping at traffic lights is insignificant.

Is it worth installing eRouška if there will be not enough people using it?

This is the reason why you should not hesitate. The more of us will use eRouška, the better we will create a network to protect us from each other and warn against risk.

We cooperate with the Government of the Czech Republic and other organizations to give information about the eRouška to as many people as possible. Help us too. By installing the application, you can actively engage to fight coronavirus. You can also tell people around you about the app, or help them install it with their consent.

How does eRouška differ from other similar apps?

It is not possible to find out from the eRouška the data what time you were moving. eRouška does not record your geographic location, but recognizes other nearby eRouška devices using Bluetooth technology. This information is anonymous.

The written information looks like this: 3/31/2020 from 12:15 to 13:15, there was an app with ID 29091 near you.

Moreover, the eRouška does not send the information on its own, it is stored on your device. Data may only be sent to the Ministry of Health or to a subordinate hygiene station the moment the Hygiene Call Center employee has contacted you based on a positive test and asks you to consent to the data collected by the application. Based on this requirement, you shall then send the collected data directly from the application to the centralized database of the hygiene station.

The data sent will be evaluated by an authorized employee of the hygiene station. eRouška users who have been around you for an extended period of time will be contacted by the hygiene station employee for instructions on how to proceed further.

Používá eRouška Apple/Google API?

Od okamžiku, kdy společnosti Apple a Google začaly uvolňovat informace o API autorizovaným vývojářům, se na něj připravujeme. Aktuálně využití API testujeme pro Android i iOS, ale v ostrém provozu zatím není. Použití nového protokolu v eRoušce závisí na rozhodnutí MZČR a má spoustu dalších dopadů – kromě úpravy velké části kódu a uživatelského rozhraní znamená změnu celého fungování aplikace vč. komunikace s hygienickými stanicemi a epidemiology.

Další postup se řeší také na úrovni EU, aby jednotlivé aplikace z různých zemí dokázaly mezi sebou co nejlépe komunikovat. Řešíme také otázku zpětné podpory – eRouška dnes podporuje i starší iOS 11 a Android 5.0, ale s novým API by byla k dispozici jen pro nejnovější update iOS 13.5 a Android 6.0 a vyšší.

How is data collected and processed?

Your smartphone with eRouška will record anonymous identifiers (ID) from other devices with this application via Bluetooth. It stores information about the “encounter” and its length in its internal memory.

The written information looks like this: 3/31/2020 from 12:15 to 13:15, there was an app with ID 29091 near you.

You can send a list of these “encounters” from the application to the central database if you are approached by a public health officer because of a positive test or due to suspicion of risky contact with an infected person. Only authorised personnel of the public health office can access the central database. They can associate the application identifier with a registered phone number and alert eRouška users who have been in contact with you.

Hygiene workers can see that, for example, ID 29091 is linked to the phone number 123 456 789.

What should I do if I test positive?

Firstly, you should contact the hygienic station, the one which you belong to locally, incase they haven't contacted you themselves. The authorised employee will provide you with information on what to do next and, if necessary, ask you to submit data from your application. Next, you should contact your practitioner, and they will guide you to treatment.

Call 112 or 155 in case of serious health complications.

You can always find up-to-date information on the national information line 1212 or on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic .

So everyone will know I have COVID-19?

No, they won't. The authorized employee of the hygiene station will contact the registered users with whom the infected was in risky contact according to data from the application, but without their consent they must not share this information with anyone else. So no one will know that it is you.

What if someone does not admit they are sick?

This can also happen. However, we believe that eRouška users want to actively help stop the further spread of the virus, and use the application in order to alert people, with whom they've come into contact with risk. Intentional spread of coronavirus is considered a crime in the Czech Republic.

Will eRouška find out, if I break a doctor's quarantine or if I drive to my hut?

The application doesn't track your location, it's not its purpose, and it's not designed for it either. It will not find out, if you have broken a quarantine or if you've driven to your hut. On the contrary, it should help to quarantine only people with a diagnosed infection or a serious suspicion of infection.

What is the intelligent/smart quarantine? What is the role of eRouška in it?

It is a set of clever measures that protect people from contagion and the economy from collapse. Instead of putting the whole nation into quarantine, it isolates only ill and reasonably suspect people into strict quarantine. Using available technologies, we can then actively alert people at risk who have been infected and put them in preventive quarantine, thus preventing the rapid spread of the virus. Thorough testing then separates healthy from those who are infected and need additional health care. Thanks to these steps, we believe that we will be able to reduce the spread of the disease and save the health of fatal congestion.

The eRouška application is one of the projects that was developed to support smart quarantines .

Omylem jsem odeslal/a data. Nebude mi teď hygiena volat?

Nemusíte se obávat. Data odeslaná do centrální databáze se automaticky mažou po 6 hodinách. Zůstanou jen ve vašem telefonu pro případné další odeslání, a odmazávají se z něj po 30 dnech. Hygiena nedostává informaci o tom, že jste data odeslali bez vyzvání. Pověřený pracovník hygieny by vás vyzval k odeslání dat až v případě pozistivního testovu na koronavirus a potřeby kontaktovat další osoby, se kterými jste byli v těsném kontaktu.

Plánujete u webu a aplikace překlad do angličtiny a dalších jazyků?

Prioritně pracujeme na překladu aplikace i webu eRouška.cz do angličtiny a plánujeme i vietnamštinu a případně další jazyky. Zkuste aplikaci aktualizovat na nejnovější verzi.


On what phones does the application eRouška work?

If your phone is incompatible with eRouška (doesn't have the necessary technology/features), Google Play or the App Store won't let you install the app.

To install the application eRouška you need a smartphone with the following specs:

  • iOS version 11 and greater
  • OS Android version 5.0 and greater with Google services (only a small percentage of Huawei phones does not have them and some phones with their own ROM)
  • Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) *

* Some older phone models (for example Google Nexus 5, Honor 7 lite, etc.) can only partly work – it can detect Bluetooth phones nearby, but unfortunately does not detect other smartphones. This is because they are not yet equipped with Bluetooth LE Advertising. Yet their use makes sense.

How can I download eRouška?

Pro stažení eRoušky pro Android postupujte prosím podle PDF či video návodu.

Je možné aplikaci stáhnout i jinak než z Google Play?

Bohužel bez služeb Google Play services nebude eRouška spolehlivě fungovat. Proto nechceme podporovat ani alternativní aplikační obchody. Google Play totiž spolehlivě vyfiltruje podporovaná zařízení. Kromě toho bychom nedokázali pro aplikace nainstalované neoficiální cestou zajistit stejnou úroveň podpory jako pro Obchod Play.

How much battery do the application and turned on Bluetooth drain?

If you are using a phone where Bluetooth has been turned on already, the power consumption will not increase significantly

If you do not actively usie Bluetooth, the results of our testing with Bluetooth turned on and saving data to the app daily were in the percentage of units per day. In most cases it is less than 20% of the battery capacity per day. It depends on the specific smartphone, style of use and battery status.

If you find the power consumption too high, please check your → battery / power settings to check if other apps have started to use the permissions you've granted. We are still working on optimising eRouška power consumption. Unfortunately, more frequent charging is a small price you pay for helping to protect people around you and yourself.

Co mám dělat, když mi nepřichází registrační SMS nebo přijde pozdě?

Kvůli nárazovému náporu nových uživatelů může dojít ke zpoždění doručení ověřovacích SMS zpráv. Zkuste prosím registraci provést znovu později.

Ověřovací SMS mi přišla, ale po zadání kódu aplikace píše chybu.

Při ověřování většího počtu nových uživatelů nebo opakovaném zadání kódu může dojít k dočasnému zablokování antispamem. Chyba může nastat i při opětovné instalaci aplikace (na jiné zařízení) bez předchozího zrušení registrace. Napište nám prosím na info@erouska.cz a naši operátoři vám pomohou.

What do I do if my phone keeps turning the application off?

Na stránce s návody najdete stručné postupy pro nejpoužívanější telefony, v jejichž nastavení je třeba zakázat automatické vypínání aplikace eRouška.

Bude možné používat eRoušku i na chytrých hodinkách či náramcích?

Rozšíření zvažujeme, ale zatím to bohužel není možné ze dvou důvodů:

eRouška nepoužívá (ani neplánuje používat) data o vaší poloze z GPS. Zjišťuje pouze na základě BT vzdálenost od dalších uživatelů aplikace eRouška (ostatní zařízení nevidí).

Zvažujeme do budoucna možnost rozšířit eRoušku i o chytré hodinky. Musely by být však vybavené funkcemi Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), aby dokázaly podle síly signálu „změřit vzdálenost“ od ostatních uživatelů – tzn. jestli šlo o rizikový kontakt. Základní Bluetooth bez LE sám o sobě pouze zajišťuje přenos dat, ale měření intenzity setkání takto přesně neumožňuje.

My data

How do I know which data the application is storing and sending precisely to the hygiene station?

The collected data can be viewed in the My Data tab at any time in the application. The application does not send any data by itself.

What does the ID and RSSI in the My Data tab mean and why does the RSSI have different colors?

In My Data, you can see the ID as part of the anonymous number of another eRouška user you encountered. RSSI then shows the strength of the Bluetooth signal during your encounter. The lower the number, the closer you were to each other. In addition, the colour of the RSSI data shows how close you were to the other user (red = very close, orange = medium close, green = insignificant meeting).

On iPhone, eRouška says that it is active, however, after opening the "My data" tab, I see that there are large delays between my records. Does the app work when running in the background?

Napozadí je aplikace eRouška viditelná pro ostatní eRoušky, ale sama je neskenuje pořád. Systém ji navíc může kvůli úspoře baterie „uspat“. Proto doporučujeme na rušných místech nechat aplikaci běžet na obrazovce a telefon nezamykat. Pro snížení spotřeby baterie pak stačí na stole otočit telefon displejem dolů (obrazovka sama zhasne), nebo do kapsy dávat telefon nabíjecím konektorem nahoru (zakrytá obrazovka opět automaticky zhasne).

There is only one or two phones with the eRouška application near me, but I can see many other IDs in the My Data tab. Am I catching a signal from people from nearby apartments or houses?

Since each user's ID changes repeatedly to enhance user anonymity and security, you can see many more of them in your phone, but it can still be the same device.

I see a lot of IDs in the My Data tab, but there are only a few people/phones with eRouška application nearby. Does it work?

Each eRouška regularly changes its broadcast ID for security and privacy reasons, so you can see one phone several times under different IDs. For the sake of transparency, we show you all the data your app will record. The presence of another eRouška in your area is recorded every 2 minutes.

Je možné označit člena mé domácnosti jako známého, aby ho aplikace zbytečně neskenovala?

Každá eRouška mění z důvodu bezpečnosti a ochrany soukromí pravidelně své vysílané ID, proto jeden telefon můžete vidět i několikrát pod různými ID. Z toho důvodu není možné označit danou osobu, respektive konkrétní ID jako člena vaší rodiny, aby ji aplikace vynechala ze skenování.

We have the eRouška app installed on two devices in our household. In the My data tab, one device detects the other. However, the other device can't see the first one. Why's that?

Some older phone models (for example Google Nexus 5, Honor 7 lite, etc.) can partially work – they can detect Bluetooth phones nearby, but unfortunately other cannot detect them. This is because they are not yet equipped with Bluetooth LE Advertising. It still makes sense to use the app on them.

I installed the eRouška app, however, I don't see any records in the My data tab. Does the app work?

The app can only see those devices in it's surroundings, which also have the eRouška app installed. It is possible that you haven't met any other eRouška user yet. Please, recommend eRouška to your friends and family. When they have their eRouška installed, you can verify the functionality of the app.

Některé starší modely telefonů mohou fungovat jen částečně – vidí přes Bluetooth telefony v okolí, ale ostatní smartphony je bohužel zpětně nevidí. Důvodem je, že ještě nejsou vybavené funkcí Bluetooth LE Advertising. I přesto má jejich použití smysl.


Why do I need to allow my application access GPS / location / location data?

The eRouška application does not collect or store GPS data, but the Android operating system also includes some Bluetooth LE (LE = low energy) services, which the eRouška needs in order to function properly. Therefore, the user's consent to the application's access to location data is required. This consent is not required on iOS.

More information is available on the Android OS developer website .

Do I have to have the Bluetooth turned on all the time?

Yes, you do. Without the Bluetooth turned on, it is not possible to detect nearby devices with the eRouška application. You may already have the Bluetooth turned on if you use wireless headphones, a smartwatch or while you are in a car.

Why does the app use Bluetooth? Are there no better alternatives such as GPS or operator triangulation?

User privacy comes first, and Bluetooth technology offers the best balance between recording accuracy and maximal privacy. Neither GPS technology nor operator triangulation can provide the required data with the required accuracy. Among other things, because their functionality in buildings, garages or metro is very limited. The eRouška application needs to know that an encountering has occurred, at what distance and the duration. It does not matter where the encounter took place.

Is Bluetooth a secure technology?

Bluetooth is a widely spread standard for connecting of mobile devices with peripheries such as wireless headphones, speakers, smartbands or smartwatches. Taking into account the fact that companies like Apple or Google also collaborate on development of Bluetooth-based contact tracing mobile apps, we are convinced that Bluetooth was the right choice also for eRouška. However, it has to be said that each and every technology has vulnerabilities. That's why we recommend our users to regularly update their eRouška apps as well as the OS. The OS updates often contain important security patches.

Potřebuje aplikace připojení k internetu?

Připojení k internetu je nutné pouze pro stažení (instalaci) a aktivaci aplikace. Pouze za předpokladu, že by se u vás potvrdila nákaza koronavirem, by vás o zaslání sesbíraných dat požádala hygienická stanice a tehdy by bylo potřeba eRoušku opět připojit k internetu.

Ve všech ostatních případech není připojení k internetu potřeba, protože aplikace neodesílá žádná data. Vaše data jsou uložena pouze ve vašem telefonu, odkud se sama odmazávají po 30 dnech. Nemusíte se tedy bát, že by vám aplikace „žrala data“.

Je možné, že se mi po zapnutí eRoušky zpomalilo Wi-Fi / připojení k internetu?

Sama od sebe eRouška žádná data nikam neodesílá, ponechává je uložená v telefonu, takže nemá vliv na vaše připojení k internetu. U některých modelů mobilů s OS Android je bohužel známé, že vysílání Bluetooth může částečně negativně ovlivňovat signál Wi-Fi a naopak.

Data security

Why does the app want to know my phone number?

The phone number will be used by the hygiene station in order to contact you as soon as possible if necessary. This will only happen if you suspect that you have been in risky contact with the infected person from the eRouška information. Therefore, you register your phone number the first time you start eRouška.

What if my phone gets stolen or I lose it?

In the eRouška application, only anonymous information about other devices detected by eRouška is stored locally. This does not bring any risk to you or the owners of such devices. Other applications that you commonly use may store much more sensitive data on your phone. Keep your phone protected with a passcode or biometrics (fingerprint or face).

Is the eRouška application compliant with GDPR?

The entire system of the application eRouška, is fully designed, according to the GDPR and to the Personal Data Processing Act.

Here you will find more detailed information:

How do you protect users from data misuse?

We protect users primarily by the minimal range of recorded data and their storage directly to the device. User data is not sent or processed anywhere without their knowledge and consent. Anonymous identifiers (IDs) with eRouška installed and information about the time, length and proximity of their occurrence around the user are recorded on phones. Only designated hygienic personnel may process them after explicit user consent.

Does an independent organization oversee the security of application data?

Yes. The entire eRouška application system, including the supporting website, is designed in full compliance with GDPR. The application code is freely available as an open-source ( Android , iOS ) and passed the Audit of Independents educational institutions .

For more information, please seeTerms of Use for eRouška.czandCOVID19CZ Data Confidence Commitment.

Can someone follow me using eRouška?

No. The application does not collect information about your location and only you have access to the saved data. The data that the app sends after your consent cannot be used to track your whereabouts. Moreover, for safety and privacy reasons, eRouška changes its ID regularly to prevent it from being misused.

The app automatically saves only this type of information: On March 31, 2020 from 12:15 to 13:15 an app with ID 29091 was near you (determined by the Bluetooth signal strength in dB).

Za pár minut se však podobný záznam může v aplikaci ukázat už pod jiným ID, ačkoliv jde stále o stejné zařízení.

Can I verify that the app is not recording my location?

Yes. Collected data can be viewed at any time in the My Data tab. eRouška is published with open source ( Android , iOS ), a knowledgeable person can easily verify that he or she is not collecting app location data.

The eRouška source code has been reviewed by independent authorities whose review confirmed that the application:

  • does not track location
  • Does not automatically send data anywhere.

Can a user's application ID (ID) be paired with a specific person?

It is only possible to connect the ID of eRouška to a user's phone number. Only designated personnel of public health offices in a secure system and only for those IDs which, based on the data sent on infected users, are evaluated by the public health officers as being at risk of being infected with coronavirus have this right.

Who has (could have) access to my data?

Only you can access the encounter list. Only if you voluntarily decide to send this data to the Hygienic Station when asked to do so, its authorised personnel also have access for a limited period of time (maximum 12 hours). The phone number is at the disposal of the Department of Health and its subordinate hygienic stations so that they can contact you if there is an infected eRouška user in your area.

How long into the past is the data available? When and how does the deleting process go?

The eRouška application stores data recorded within the last 30 days, older records are automatically deleted. If you agree to processing at the prompt of the hygiene worker and send the data from the phone to the server, they will remain there for a maximum of 12 hours and will then be deleted.

We keep the phone number for 6 months after registration, or until the Ministry of Health decides to no longer process this information, or until you request to cancel your registration, whichever comes first. You can delete the data yourself at any time directly in the application under My data, and you can unregister the phone number in the application by clicking on “Unregister” under the three dots in the top right corner.

For information about data controllers and processors, see the Terms of Use for eRouška.cz.

Can I change my mind at any time? Can I delete my phone number and the data I gave to the hygienists?

Yes. In the application, it is possible to delete all collected data – both from your device and from the server of public health officers. You can also delete the phone number (cancel registration) you provided when you activated the application. Still, the eRouška ID assigned to you will remain in the eRouška apps of other people that you've encountered. However, this ID will no longer be able to be associated with any phone, phone number, or person based on other eRouška data.

Remember that after deleting (unregistering) your phone number, hygienists will not be able to contact you if you suspect a risky encounter with an infected person.

What happens to the data after I delete the app from my smartphone?

When you delete the application from your phone, the collected data in it will also get deleted. If you reinstall the app, it will start collecting and storing brand new data on your phone.

Deleting an application does not automatically delete data from the database (server) if you have already sent it there, nor does it unregister your phone number. If you unregister your phone number, the hygienic station will not be able to contact you if necessary.

Where can I find the application's source code?

The application eRouška is published with an open-source code (Android, iOS).