How does eRouška protect you?

eRouška is part of the Smart Quarantine (Chytrá karanténa) concept of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

If you met an infected person

If you meet someone who tests positive for Covid-19, the public health office will be able to contact you by phone. Even if you were just standing next to that person in a queue at a store.

If you get infected

If you happen to be positively tested for Covid-19, the authorities (an officer of your local public health office) will ask you to share a list of all persons that you met in the last few days. You can then send him easily with a single click an anonymized list of eRouška users, that you happend to meet. Including people you don't know in person, such as people you met on a bus.

No one will know from the application that you have been infected with coronavirus.

eRouška protects
your privacy

How is eRouška different from other similar applications?

Opposite to other similar apps, eRouška does not collect information about your location. It only searches its environment for other eRouškas. The app does not require active internet connection. Thus it can work anywhere, even in a subway.

Why is my phone number required for the registration?

Your phone number is needed for your local public health office to be able to contact you in the case of you being at risk of an infection.

Would the other eRouška users learn my identity when I get infected?

If you get infected with Covid-19, your identity will only be known for the officers of your local public health office. Just like it has been by now. All the contacts that will be interpreted as critical based on your eRouška data, will be informed by the public health office, but they will not be told, where, when, and by whom they might have been infected. Your identity is protected.

Does it matter if I join and install the app? Does it make a difference?

The more users eRouška has, the stronger will be our network. This network will help to protect and warn each and every one of us. We collaborate with the government of the Czech Republic and other organisations in order to spread eRouška among as many people as possible. We also need your help! By installing the eRouška app, you can actively join the fight against the coronavirus.

Who is the authority behind eRouška? Is my data protected?

The app was developed by volunteers collaborating under the platform Covid19CZ under the auspices of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Data security is audited by a number of independent experts, including members of academia.

Do you have any further questions?

Are you interested in which phones eRouška works on? Or maybe what data do you share with eRouška and what data does it collect?