Where do I type in the verification code from the SMS?

Were you using eRouška before you got tested for COVID-19? If you only installed it now it could not have logged any encounters with other users, so it's unnecessary to enter the SMS code in it. Read more about how eRouška works in frequently asked questions.

If you have used the app for quite some time, are positive for COVID-19 and received an SMS with the verification code, please continue as follows:

  1. Make sure that eRouška is updated in Play Store or App Store (2.3.757 for Android, 2.3.3 for iOS).
  2. Open eRouška and press Anonymously notify others.
  3. Enter the verification code in Verification code (compulsory) and press Verify and send data.

Your keys (identifiers) will be then sent to other users' eRouška apps. Their apps will evaluate whether the users were in risky contact with you. If so, the apps will anonymously notify their users and recommend further steps.

How to enter the verification code on Android phones

How to enter the verification code on iPhones

I was tested for COVID-19, but I still have not received the SMS with the verification code for eRouška. When can I expect it?

First, you will receive test results in an SMS from the laboratory. The lab also sends the results to the central information system of the Ministry of Health. After the results are copied to the public health office's system, automatic eRouška SMS messages with verification codes are sent. If the lab does not send the results to the information system on the same day, you might not receive the SMS with the verification code until the next day.

Please check that the eRouška SMS was not blocked by the system as spam by mistake

  • Android: In your Messages app press the options icon (three dots) and Spam and blocked conversations (or three dots → Settings → SIM → Spam). If eRouška SMS is there, click on Not spam.
  • iPhone: Go to Settings → Messages → Blocked contacts. Here you can manage the list of blocked contacts and phone numbers. Please check that you do not filter unknown senders in Settings → Messages → Unknown and spam.

When does the verification code expire?

The code expires 12 hours after you receive the SMS. If you cannot enter the code in time or you enter it incorrectly, please contact us at info@erouska.cz.

I cannot enter the SMS code and eRouška displays an error.

If the app displays an error after you enter your verification code, please copy the message or make a screenshot and send it to info@erouska.cz along with your full name and phone number that you filled in the test request form. Also, you will be able to request a new verification code on the 1221 hotline.

I have received several SMS codes. How do I know which one I should use in eRouška?

In case the same phone number is entered on several lab test requests (e.g. parents and children), more than one SMS code for eRouška might be sent. To distinguish between them, the patient's initials and year of birth are mentioned in the SMS.

Why have I received the SMS with a verification code if I don't use eRouška?

An SMS with the code is automatically sent to all individuals who stated their phone number at the test. The new eRouška does not process personal data or store users' phone numbers, so we cannot distinguish if someone uses eRouška or not.

Who sends the messages with verification codes?

SMS messages are sent from the public health office's system. At the beginning, the public health officer had to send the SMS. When the offices were too busy, the messages were sent late. That's why we are improving the way to send the codes in SMS messages. Apart from the automated system, the public health officers can still send you the code. Soon you will be able to request the code on the 1221 hotline.

Can anyone discover my identity if I send the data?

They cannot. eRouška 2.0 does not use any personal data. It only sends anonymous keys (identifiers) that are generated every 10–20 minutes to protect your privacy.

The application then compares these identifiers with those that you encountered and evaluates the riskiness of such encounter. Identifiers are transmitted between the applications and the server via a secure communication protocol which was developed by Apple and Google. Identifiers cannot be accessed either by developers, users, or other authorities.

You declare that eRouška is anonymous, but you know my telephone number and year of birth.

eRouška truly does not have your personal data. The SMS is sent from the system of the public health office that knows your identity and test results from the lab. You only enter the verification code in eRouška without any connection to your identity.

I want to install eRouška but I don't know how.

eRouška is available in Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone.